Do you know how to take care of yourself, your family and your neighbors during an emergency?  If you take the Tri-County CERT Basic Course you will learn things such as basic first aid and light search and rescue.  This course is provided at no cost.

The next Tri-County CERT Basic Course will be schedules when the COVID-19 emergency is over.  It is a multiple days class that goes for about 24 hours and you do have to be at least 19 to take the course. You are required to take the free FEMA IS-317 online course.  To register click on 'Register here' on the left side of this page.

We are located in Nebraska and cover the following counties - Douglas, Sarpy and Washington Counties.

What is CERT?

The President of the United States has called for the initiation of community based programs to prepare our citizens for natural and manmade disasters and in doing so has created the Citizen's Corps under which the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program falls.

The Tri-County Community Emergency Response Team is comprised of volunteer citizen teams who are trained in basic life safety and emergency preparedness skills.  The program is community based in order to provide rapid and safe care for our citizens in the event of a major incident or large scale disaster.

Emergency responders may not be immediately available in the event of a catastrophic incident.  Tri-County CERT volunteers can make a difference through the implementation of Tri-County CERT Policies and Procedures.

Essential to this implementation is citizen commitment with an emphasis on participation, coordination, and communication.  Tri-County CERT volunteers are not intended to replace emergency responders, but instead to provide basic care, stabilization, and information until emergency responders are available to respond.